Policies cause energy costs to skyrocket

September 17, 2013 

Barack Obama said before the election in 2008 that if elected president, his policies would cause energy costs to skyrocket. His policies and regulations have impacted the cost of fossil fuels as an energy source. Energy costs are directly related to our cost of living and prices of everything seem to be going up every day.

To date that may be the only true statement he has made. The covert policies that were activated soon after his election have been running at a record pace. Almost 17,000 new federal laws and regulations have been posted on the federal registry.

I have been following the national debt, which now stands at $17.5 trillion and climbing every second. A lot of comments have surfaced that our government is having a difficult time selling our government bonds. Lender nations are getting worried that our bonds may not be a good investment. China, for example, holds approximately $1.3 trillion of our debt.

The secretary of the treasurer has discussed a program to issue federal bonds for all of the personal savings and 401(k) plans held by private U.S. citizens. This would amount to $17.2 trillion.

If the destruction of our republic by his policies doesn't trigger a revolt, stealing our savings may.

William D. Coulson


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