Illinois lawmakers broke it, now they need to fix it

September 17, 2013 

To all state legislators current and past. The fact that Illinois is the worst or nearly the worst state in financial stability is well-documented. This was created by past and current members of the legislature. They all did their share to put us there.

There is only one group of individuals who can change this and that is the current members of the legislature. Each of them know how to be financially stable in their personal and professional activities. Why don't you do it?

As a resident of Illinois, all I see are legislators taking no action on changing things at their level. I am sure they all can give a reason for why they vote to spend when we don't have the money. I can only hope it is not to just increase their chances of being re-elected.

I urge them to assume their responsibility to make Illinois a solvent state.

Wilbern "Hank" Hayes


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