Diminishing our freedoms

September 18, 2013 

Barack Obama's usurpation of power is absolutely appalling. Even more threateningly, we recognize the complicity of so many others.

Such failures of our elected and sworn defenders of their duty, regardless of their individual political affiliation, is truly failure of an abject nature never before experienced in our nation's proud history experienced, however; closely paralleling the shameful case of Benedict Arnold. My admittedly limited knowledge of journalistic history is possibly evident as I state my belief that such history would evidence professional pride in boldly proclaiming questionable or even suspicions of failures of public figures to measure up to their proclaimed honesty and integrity -- but which current so-called journalists too often join with and vigorously promote deviant behavior, failing miserably to understand how such action or inaction clearly undermines the freedom of speech and foundations within our Constitution which empowered their profession beyond any significant comparison.

Overwhelming regulatory authority never contemplated by our Founding Fathers, encouraged by power-hungry political officials within the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government and as a result honest, hard-working and dedicated citizens are drastically less free than ever before -- and it is worsening every single day.

James R. Andrews


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