Obama needs a proxy

September 18, 2013 

I am perplexed at this point and time. Are we the United States of America or are we the United Nations or NATO? Please help me to understand our role in this ole world. I have this funny feeling, deep in my gut, about giving Obama any authority over and above what our Constitution gives him. I have no idea what he stands for. One day he is an authority on the judicial system, Zimmerman acquittal. The next day he is all in favor of same-sex marriage. Now he wants to act like a commander-in-chief. Let's knock off Bashar al-Assad. What do you think he will support next?

Maybe a round of golf on some romantic island? Maybe a vacation in France or Germany so he can try to talk those countries into backing him on this Syrian issue? Why is it so difficult to see Obama's motive -- oil, oil. oil? Does anyone wonder where al-Qaida gets all its money to fight against the U.S. in Afghanistan, Syria, Asia? I know most of our troubles are George Bush's fault, high unemployment, high taxes, high gas prices, low housing sales. Don't believe me, just ask old empty suit.

Now to sum up my opinion, it's this: Obama can't get anyone to pull the trigger on Syria so his travel agent there in DC says get out of town, go see Putin in Russia. The weather is good and he (Putin) isn't talking to you so it won't interfere with your golf game. John Kerry will front for you in congress talks. Maybe we can give some more money to some country that is willing to pull the trigger.

Charles V. Lyerla


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