Blame points to Quinn

September 19, 2013 

Gov. Pat Quinn's chief exercise as the state's top executive seems to be extending his index finger. Quinn extends his finger at the NRA, at lawmakers, at past administrations, at fate and now at the Illinois Capitol's architect, J. Richard Alsop III. In Quinn's view, Alsop is a rogue who spends $223,000 for one set of copper doors and $3,314 for a urinal cover.

We hope no one is buying Quinn's "the buck stops over there" claims. The more Quinn distances himself from the capitol renovation mess, the more you should believe just how culpable he and our lawmakers are.

Someone in 2009 decided we needed a $31 billion state construction program. Someone decided there should be $250 million in that program for the capitol renovations. Someone went to work daily past the $33,435 marble panels being installed.

No one decided it was worth looking beneath the tarp until a Springfield journalist did so.

Quinn just lost his primary opponent because William Daley decided fixing Illinois was too big a job for him. Daley thinks a Republican will be our next governor.

Let's hope whomever it is has the sense not to add $31 billion in bills to an existing mountain of debt in the middle of a recession.

In the meantime, someone needs to finish Mama Quinn's job and teach her son that it's not nice to point.

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