What do you like about fall?

September 22, 2013 

"Bonfires, picking pumpkins with my little guy. My parents live out on a farm in Mascoutah. We have a lot of bonfires. I like making chili and all that fun stuff."

melissa hoffman, 28

Fairview Heights

barber, with son Jackson, 2

"It's much more enjoyable to be outside. I think we are outside in the fall more than the summer. I am kind of curious how she's going to play in the leaves this year."

COREY Harris, 25


forklift operator with daughter Faith, 2

"The weather. I like going out in the morning to crisp, cool air. It's refreshing. I've been waiting for it to get cooler so I can make chicken noodle soup. I've got a great recipe."

brooke Harris, 22


nurse's assistant majoring in accounting at Southern Illinois

"The bonfires. Sitting outside by the fires. It's my favorite weather. Fall is my favorite season."

Dana Pea, 49


works in health care management, with granddaughter Riley Buckley, 21/2

"Going to Eckert's for apples and pumpkins. Cooking in the fall. Making the fall comfort foods -- soups, stews and apple pies."

Lindy Grandame, 31

Fairview Heights, with son Silas, 4 weeks

She and husband Brock own Garden Salon and Spa in O'Fallon. They also have a daughter, Meadow, 51/2

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