Real Estate: What's your neighbor's home selling for?

September 22, 2013 

Recent real estate transactions for St. Clair, Madison and Monroe counties



* 412 Mitchell Lane; from Andrew J. Jackson and Allison P. Jackson; to Joshua S. Progar and Katherine A. Progar; $123,500.

* 1025 Express Drive; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Kara L. Stewart; $37,840 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 109 Lynn Haven Drive; from Maxine M. McGarvey; to Brenda L. McGarvey; $100,000.

* 26 S. 95th St.; from Kathleen J. Burch; to Melissa A. Kaaraffa; $90,000.

* 110 Clinton Hill Drive; from Janice M. Pinnick and Royal M. Pinnick; to Joshua T. Johnson; $106,000.

* 4105 N. Park Drive; from Cynthia A. Williams; to Don Grosse and David Grosse; $5,000.

* 4105 N. Park; from Don Grosse and David Grosse; to Leonard Brown; $15,000.

* 4105 Endicott Court; from Demarlow Hunter; to David Searcy and Tasha Searcy; $185,000.

* 1600 Terry Lane; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Jacob Five Properties LLC; $30,675 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 2912 Old Collinsville Road; from Christopher J. Weckler; to Robert A. Clinton Jr. and Linda M. Clinton; $144,500.

* 2 Fernwood Drive; from Taya M. Pfeiffer, Taya M. Hebron; to Keith Kniepkamp and Suzette Kniepkamp; $70,000.

* 1036 Cool Valley Drive; from Jason Abercrombie and Amy Ambercrombie; to Kenneth P. Varel and Inger E. Varel; $66,500.

* 7 Cedar Drive; from Percy J. Puntraino and Michele P. Puntraino; to Michelle D. Wills, Michelle D. Lovegrove; $65,000.

* 25 Perwinkle Circle; from Dorothy Klein; to Kimberly M. Schewe; $33,000.

* 14 Impala Court; from Daniel Toberman and Amie Toberman; to Lauren Schmierbach; $92,000.

* 225 Boca Grande Drive; from Ryan Holland and julie Kohlberg; to Matthew S. Cryer and Lindsay M. Cryer; $135,000.

* 2416 Pro Tour Drive; from Charles M. Frizzell; to Libby Anne Moreton; $290,000.

* 1122 Olde Lantern Lane; from Darrell W. Richardson; to Steven G. Rowan; $19,000.

* 961 Blue Heron Court; from Alan J. Scharf and Kristin Scharf; to William T. Showers and Jenna E. Showers; $163,000.

* 3528 Summit Ave.; from Frank A. Majkut; to Donovan E. Wimer; $58,000.

* 14 Paulette Drive; from Curtis Hill and Chastity Hill; to Sammie Fleming and Yolanda Fleming; $147,500.


* 1123 Upper Cahokia Road; from Metro Property Partners; to Sexton Property & Investment; $29,500.


* 14 Orchard Lane; from James L. Walker; to Jake Tenberge; $119,500.

* 430 S. 2nd St.; from Marco Investors; to Alexander B. Smith; $77,000.


* 1400 Columbia Road; from Neva I. Chism; to Russell Walster; $48,000.

* 313 N. 3rd St.; from Joshua B. Noffsinger; to Trevor A. Settles; $83,000.


* 631 N. 76th St.; from Parke A. Smith; to Tujay Inc.; $10,000.

* 710 N. 23rd St.; from Robert Eastern III; to Christine Radford; $5,500.


* 2523 N. 23rd St.; from Blance Harris; to Juventino H. Gomez; $27,000.


* 9711 Clifford Terrace; from William R. Chappel and Kimberly K. Chappel; to Ryan J. Missey; $85,000.

* 9802 Bunkum Road; from Jenna E. Showers; to Jennifer J. Straub; $101,000.

* 218 Brittany Drive; from Ronald D. Hines and Eileen M. Hines; to Mandy M. Williams; $175,000.


* 312 Telluride Drive; from Amy Strong; to Nathan A. Vosse and Abby M. Vosse; $171,000.

*102 Woods Manor; from Ricahrd Griesbaum and Sandra Griesbaum; to Janel M. Davinroy; $219,500.

* 111 S. Walnut St.; from Wilmer J. Hoffarth and Annette R. Hoffarth; to Dean H. Gauch Sr.; $30,000.

* 1 W. Lincoln Court; from Estate of Patsy A. True; to Michael Flake and Renee Hartman; $123,000.


* 127 McKendree Park Road; from Bryan Warner and Robin Warner; to Kenneth Watson; $257,000.

* 416 S. Horner St.; from James Sprakties and Karen Sprakties; to Rebecca L. Frome and Karen Frome; $70,000.


* 1010 Harnett St.; from Anthony H. Mueth and Julie C. Mueth; to Frank Williams and Quinn Williams; $160,000.

* 1115 Linden Place; from William G. Ray and Marsha M. Ray; to Jeffrey Detering and Karen Detering; $225,000.

* 10018 Buddy Funk Lane; from Gary H. Erb and Barbara A. Erb; to Justin Schmidt; $165,000.

* 833 Moorland Circle; from Pearce Vazquez and Tracy Vazquez; to Troy Medvick and Michelle Medvick; $195,500.


* 116 W. Laurel; from Marjorie Galle; to Michael J. Kempf; $98,500.

* 6010 Prairie Drive; from John Frame and Michelle Frame; to Kyle Rainbolt and Lori Rainbolt; $237,000.

* 401 Traver Tine Drive; from Mike C. Wilsonand Cathy M. Wilson; to Christopher M. French and Stephanie R. Neff; $245,000.

* 604 Manor Lane; from Brandon J. Gravot and Cheri Gravot; to Jeffrey S. Constance and Lisa K. Constance; $221,500.

* 7118 Walnut Lane; from Barbara J. Reagan; to Scott J. Johnson and Sheila Johnson; $180,000.

* 36 Adderly Lane; from Christopher D. Haas and Nichole L. Haas; to Brett Anderson and Carli Francis; $190,000.


* 8347 New Athens Darmstadt Road; from Donald M. Fiyak and Margarete E. Fiyak; to Steven R. Bockhorn and Julie K. Bockhorn; $235,000.


* 806 W. Lakeshore Drive; from Frances Heien; to Christopher Pate; $222,000.

* 1246 Illini Drive; from David C. Lyerla and Michele J. Lyerla; to Roger A. Illari; $255,000.

* 403 Bandmour Place; from Associated Holdings LLC IV; to Keith L. Kellner; $198,000.

* 644 Shamrock Drive; from Justin M. Solis and Amber M. Solis; to Courtney P. Gibson and Matthew A. Delaney; $169,500.

* 807 Dale Ave.; from Evelyn L. Moody; to Kaz Kruszewski and Kimberly Kruszewski; $100,000.

* 1179 Red Hawk Ridge Lane; from Richard E. Prince and Lela G. Prince; to Mitchell W. Ross and Gina A. Ross; $320,000.

* 780 Emerald Green Drive; from Robert Distler and Kimberly Distler; to Brian Brogan; $153,000.

* 405 Wiegerstown Drive; from Christopher Pickett and Rebecca Pickett; to Simon M. Scoggins and Emma D. Scoggins; $242,000.

* 918 Wood Lake Court; from Regina D. Haley; to harvey Guill and Dorothy Guill; $194,000.

* 314 W. Deer Creek Road; from Yun Han; to Yong Moon Park and Melinda Park; $200,000.


* 326 Berwick Crossing Lane; from C.P.R. Properties LLC; to Margaret T. Bunton and Samuel A. Bunton; $238,500.

* 910 Red Scarlet Court; from John Sullivan and Heather Sullivan; to Robert Yeargin and Donna Yeargin; $276,000.

* 201 Bobbie Drive; from Nichola sBusch; to Robert L. Maertens and Tamara A. Maertens; $83,500.

* 3501 Bannon Ridge Court; from Jason B. Avram and Andrea G. Avram; to Robert G. Distler and Kimberly Distler; $230,000.

* 2633 Greystone Estates Parkway; from Fulford Construction Inc.; to Janice L. Sheridan; $162,500.

* 619 Glen Mor; from Daniel H. Miller and Rebecca J. Miller; to Franz R. chenet and Jomary B. Chenet; $197,000.


* 4513 Barleyridge Drive; from Dawn S. Maxwell; to Nicole M. Yocks; $175,000.


* 1504 Goldenye Court; from Thomas J. Nollau and Lesa M. Nollau; to Mital Patel and Payal Patel; $430,000.

* 632 Leighigh Drive; from James C. Wagner; to Scott W. Gauch and Jennifer M. Gauch; $132,000.

* 1499 Pasteur Drive; from Paul J. Huval and Rebecca S. Huval; to Arthur Culver and Annetta Culver; $430,000.

* 3869 Winward Way Drive; from LaToya L. Bosley; to April Schult; $158,000.

* 3924 Michael John Drive; Joyce R. Perkins; to Michael J. Budnicki and Kathleen F. Budnicki; $180,500.



* 5324 Conn Road; from Judy F. Ledbetter; to Steven J. Hrebec and Michelle L. Hrebec; $52,500.


* 315 Chesapeake Lane; from Gary W. Scaggs and Jill Dalton; to Maria O. Webb; $153,000.

* 1313 Lexington Drive; from Dennis Freiberg, Rosalie Dengler, Julio Santoro, Julio Santoro Revocable Living Trust; to Paul M. Santoro and Joanie M. Santoro; $87,000.

* 1609 Frederick Drive; from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.; to Daniel C. Koehler and Sheri L. Koehler; $105,000.

* 1321 Ridgewood Court; from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.; to Sara E. Weiss; $73,000.

* 5 Brians Way; from Zachary M. Babb and Thomas L. Giller; to Phillip G. Markus and Patricia A. Markus; $45,000.


* 930 Hillsboro Ave.; from Donald A. Jordan and Tiffany Well; to Kelsie E. Ward and Rosemary K. Ward; $143,000.

* 103 Branch Drive; from Allen Price Properties LLC; to Maureen Posey; $110,000.

* 3 Logan Place; from Merely Ltd. Liability Co.; to Paul Peters and Mary Peters; $30,000.

* 903 Esic Drive; from Kevin J. Carroll and Mabel R. Carroll; to Bonita Sherman; $173,000.

* 290 Deep Cove Drive; from Bonita M. Sherman and Donald W. Sherman; to Steven A. Crain Sr. and Kathleen M. Crain; $285,000.

* 3348 Garvey Lane; from Brent O'Neill and Tamara O'Neill; to Michele C. Krause and Andreas C. Krause; $395,500.

* 105 Sugar Oak Court; from John P. Gaughan and Debra C. Gaughan; to Eric Rosser and Stephanie Rosser; $231,000.

* 1323 Gerber Woods Drive; from Curtis L. Wudtke and Jennifer L. Wudtke; to Vincent L. Clark and Sharon L. Clark; $251,500.


* 3013 Ash Road; from Eugene L. Vallino and Judy L. Vallino; to Adam H. Tarr; $200,000.

* 112 Northbay Court; from Emilegh Ziebka and Steven M. Ziebka; to Susan K. Weir; $140,000.


* 5005 Crystal Lake Drive; from Ruth A. Schien and Kermit D. Schien; to Denise Callahan and Carol Bock; $210,000.

* 7721 Redbird Lane; from Samantha A. Miles; to Tyler J. Clark; $75,500.

* 917 Lexington Estates Drive; from Mary G. Mitchell; to Emerson A. Shultz Jr. and Gail L. Shultz; $154,000.


* 3256 Wabash Ave.; from Charles G. Worster; to Kevin J. Davis; $78,000.

* 2233 Hunters Point Drive; from Hunters Point Homes LLC; to Timothy Hartwick and Tamara Hartwick; $150,000.

* 2315 O'Hare Ave.; from Richard T. Carney III and Lindsay M. Carney; to Daniel M. Krekovich Jr. and Dana R. Krekovich; $113,000.


* 421 Miller Ave.; from Nicholas Kostich and Amy M. Kostich; to Jeremy Yates and Brittany Yates; $200,000.


* 1817 Zschokke St.; from Micah A. Roe and Natasha K. Roe; to Kenneth J. McCoy; $156,000.

* 30 Sunray Drive; from Ronald D. Frassato and Karen S. Frassato; to Ronald R. Nichols and Renee A. Nichols; $148,000.


* 1136 Greenwood St.; from Emma G. Brown and Elton U. Brown; to Bryant E. Moore; $58,500.


* 401 Trisan Lane; from Jared M. Missey and Lauren A. Missey; to Kristen A. Ely; $167,000.


* 507 Truman St.; from Matthew M. Swanson and Jennifer D. Swanson; to Eric D. Williams and Amy D. Williams; $315,500.


* 200 Jacob St.; from Garret Daiber and Elizabeth Daiber; to Michael Reedy and Sherri Reedy; $132,500.


* 301 Camelford Drive; from Michael Maier and Jennifer Maier; to Kelly Caraker; $112,000.

* 20 Forest Knoll Court; from Todd Kapp and Ashley Kapp; to Thomas E. O'Connor Jr. and Emily C. O'Connor; $229,500.

* 216 Fairington; from Teklab Properties LLC; to Foy J. Anderson Jr. and Laura Buick Land Trust; $253,000.

* 302 Montgomery St.; from Carol Stirnaman and Donald Stirnaman; to Matthew Swanson and Jennifer D. Swanson; $182,000.



* 11 Woody Court; from Jason P. Donjon and Maren L. Donjon; to Douglas N. Randolph and Jenna L. Randolph; $180,000.

* 303 W. Warnock St.; from Kenneth C. Hines, Denise K. Johnson, Joanna K. Vogt; to Joanna K. Vogt; $82,500.

* 3646 Sweet Briar Lane; from Kelly A. Yochum and mark A. Yochum; to Joshua D. Holder and Karen E. Holder; $76,000.


* 3112 HH Road; from John W. Hanner, Independent Executor; to John W. Hanner and Luann C. Hanner; $96,000.

* 1224 Sherwood Lane; from CA Jones Inc.; to Chad A. Crook and Jennifer L. Crook; $221,500.

* 625 Hartman Lane; from Brandi S. Frierdich and Tony Frierdich; to Peggy A. Becherer and Scott A. Becherer; $197,000.

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