Get jail bonds on the ballot

September 22, 2013 

The BND's editorial on Tuesday stated the Madison County $18 million jail renovation should be tabled.

The next day a poorly run meeting by County Board Chairman Alan Dunstan showed his bias to avoid the jail renovation being put on a ballot for probable defeat. All 29 district representatives would crawfish since they know we have had enough of spending $18 million on any project.

The board suffered about 15 minutes of chaos because Dunstan would not run a meeting according to Rules of Order. Not one representative said, "Mr. Chairman, I rise to a point of order."

The job of the chairman is to allow the board members to arrive at a conclusion without the chairman giving his opinion on the subject. Worse yet for the chairman to call on legal counsel for a biased opinion on the issue rather than a rule or order being requested by a representative or the chairman.

The bottom line is that according to county Administrator Joe Parente, we taxpayers have 30 days to obtain 17,145 signatures after the publication of the intent to spend the $18 million.

Obtaining those signatures is doable because we have had enough of the inappropriate behavior of our Madison County Board.

Bob DesPain


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