Wrong use of tax dollars by Belleville Township

September 22, 2013 

Belleville Township Trustee Mary McHugh couldn't have picked a better day for the BND to print her letter. It was Friday the 13th. What a perfect omen. Perhaps her letter will make residents know more about township governance -- maybe much more than she hoped.

McHugh begins by comparing our compassion for the elderly in need to storytellers for the kids via Lindenwood University. Storytellers? Are you serious? In this digital age, do people honestly think the kids need to be exposed to this?

If the kids have any interest in this, I am sure the Internet has free videos online that they can watch. My suspicions are the kids are only interested in the field trip or not having a regular day of class.

No offense to Lindenwood, but as of 2012, its endowment was in excess of $108 million. I don't think the university needs anymore tax money from us to tell stories, unless the story to be told is how the township takes more and more from dolts who continue to give it to them.

An apology to the elderly, especially the ones the township assists, is in order.

Todd Vatters

St. Louis

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