Don't criticize Belleville for planning

September 22, 2013 

Your editorial Thursday criticizes Belleville leaders for "asking us all to 'Envision Belleville 2035.'" It seems no matter what they do, your paper criticizes leadership in Belleville and St. Clair County.

Comprehensive planning for a 20-year horizon is a sound and useful tool; a standard practice by forward-thinking communities. It shows responsibility and accountability and involves citizen input -- all attributes that you routinely complain are lacking.

You say 20 years is too long of a horizon to plan for, yet any responsible person plans for the next 20 years of life. Why wouldn't we want our government to do the same?

I often find myself reading your editorials about the city and the county and wondering what drives your bias. You seem to carry on a grudge match rather than provide the news. I subscribe to your paper, but have decided the most I get from local news is knowing the day's topics, not necessarily the facts.

Editorials are only opinions, but responsible opinions are based on information, not reactionary bias. What you spin is a disservice. It paints our local governments -- and thus our area -- as corrupt instead of showing the great place and people they reflect.

Surely there are corrupt individuals. But it is irresponsible and misleading to portray the whole as corrupt.

After elections your paper repeatedly wonders that voters have elected leaders you tell them not to. Perhaps it is you who is missing the point.

Judy Nelson


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