Still defending Obama

September 23, 2013 

Letter Writer Frankie Seaberry will go to any lengths to defend her idol, the feckless, wishy-washy, vacillating Barack Obama.

Seaberry says that President Obama was just repeating a decision made by the United Nations and "other entities" when he drew the red line in relation to Syria. Strange, I don't remember anyone else using "red line" language or threatening to use force against Syria.

Seaberry is so anxious to accuse Republicans of being warmongers, she seems to forget it is Obama who escalated the war in Afghanistan, bombed Libya and directed air strikes against Muslim forces in a number of different countries, even though we are not at war with them.

I guess that since Russian President Vladimir Putin bailed him out, we can all sit back and relax. Putin looks like a statesman while Obama has all the acumen of a whimpering puppy begging for a bone.

The U.N. will send inspectors to Syria to ferret out the chemical weapons. U.N. inspectors have been in Iran for more than 10 years investigating Iran's efforts to build nuclear bombs and yet we know no more about Iran's intentions. I don't think U.N. inspectors could detect the odor of cow manure in a stockyard.

Seaberry and those of her ilk will keep on defending Obama until this country is broke. We will be a socialistic nation and a joke to the rest of the world. We are almost there.

Leon Anderson


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