The liberal state of denial

September 23, 2013 

I'm amazed that liberals are able to deny the truth even when it overwhelms them.

A certain contributor from Centreville is faced with ignoring the support of air strikes on Syria from various Democratic legislators: Secretary of State John Kerry, Vice President Joe Biden and last but not least, our commander in chief Barack Obama, and pinning all of this warmongering on Sen. John McCain and House speaker John Boehner. Amazing. I didn't realize that these two had so much power. Blaming these two men is a whole lot easier than placing blame on the contributor's idols.

I suppose this contributor owes her thanks to Russian President Vladimir Putin for pulling Obama out of the fire, so that Obama did not actually have another military action with his fingerprints on it. He's already interfered militarily or financially with Libya and Egypt, and we see what good that has done. For a man who owes a lot of his early political success to bashing President Bush and his policies, he sure has found himself in a quandry now, having to create his own legacy of accomplishments. At least we have Obamacare. Brace yourselves.

James J. Price


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