Obama allegations outrageous

September 23, 2013 

A lot of nonsense is floating about among the right-wing lunatic fringe. This small group believes the most outrageous allegations about President Obama made by the conservative demagogues of talk radio and Fox News.

First, they still believe he wasn't born in America. We all know he was; the evidence is irrefutable.

Second, 17 percent of the populace thinks he's a Muslim, which he clearly is not. Have they forgotten how incensed they were about his membership in a church whose outspoken pastor they disliked? But what if he were a Muslim? Our Constitution guarantees freedom of religion and religious tests are forbidden by law. It's noteworthy how these self-professed strict constitutionalists ignore this.

Third, because they want to believe he's a Muslim they can allege he has co-opted the CIA to arm and aid al-Qaida and its Muslim Brotherhood allies, despite the fact he has led the most successful campaign against al-Qaida, decimating their leadership.

I know the truth won't change the minds of the hard (headed) core of the radical right, but at least it might inform others who haven't heard these conspiracy theories and wondered what these people were writing about. These letter writers don't explain themselves very well, if at all. Sometimes letters are just incoherent rants, such as James Andrews' letter Thursday.

Obama is right, these are phony scandals interfering with the governance of our country, and by a small minority. They are an embarrassment.

Kevin Johnson


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