More politics of the same kind

September 24, 2013 

Ah, another political wannabe. Gads, what a goofball.

Congressional candidate Ann Callis complains in a guest view on Sunday about the stalemate in Congress and then parrots the same thing.

This is exactly the kind of individual we do not need in Congress, from either party. Obviously she won't be solving problems but will continue to create them.

Giving her the benefit of doubt, maybe she is just blinded by her party politics or maybe -- gasp, surely not -- her party wrote this, as it is more of the same bull we have lived with for decades from both parties.

This appeared to be a paid political ad. The writer has no new ideas, was self-serving, and holds no position or stature whereby one would listen to her, except she is a wannabe.

It might be telling that she definitely wants more money from the American people for more unjustified spending. Maybe she will hear this, "Illinois is broke and the United States is right behind."

She needs to tell us what she will cut in detail and then maybe we can debate!

William Barrett


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