Pope is the sheperd he seems

September 24, 2013 

Accept pope as he seems

I take exception to the tone of Washington Post reporter Michelle Boorstein's piece on Pope Francis. (BND A5 Saturday). Apparently this D.C. journalism princess can only frame her story in the liberal-moderate-conservative terms of the city from which she writes.

If anyone should be able to understand the need for Pope Francis to observe "on the one hand this and on the other hand that," it should be someone who works in the nation's capital.

Clearly she is outside any appreciation of the pastoral needs of church membership and must construct the pope's interviews in her narrow world view of power politics. What a shame that she is a Post religion reporter.

Why could not Pople Francis be seen as a good shepherd with deep concerns about his flock and the world we live in ? I think he is that kind of man.

Richard Wagner


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