Equal treatment for all

September 24, 2013 

Letter writer Larry McClintick blasted President Obama for including Arab-Americans in his appointments, and he called my letters nonsense. I say McClintick should step from the dark ages to clear his tunnel vision.

President Obama was absolutely right to include Arab-Americans in his appointments. Not only black and white Americans, but all Americans such as the Chinese, Arabs, Mexicans, Eskimos and Native Americans should be represented in every facet of American life.

Shamefully, some Americans are so steeped in racial hatred they want opportunities denied to all who don't look, think or worship like them. Case in point: Some racists viciously criticized officials for selecting the very beautiful American-born woman of East Indian descent as Miss America. How pea-minded can one get?

It seems some people have forgotten that other than Native Americans, everybody's ancestors were immigrants by choice or by force; therefore it behooves those with a false sense of superiority to stop acting as if they're the sole owners of this country. We all own this country, and for all, there must be equal opportunities and equal protection under the law.

Funny, I never heard any complaints about Americans of any race going to war for the United States. Oh, well, I guess narrow minds are never consistent in their judgment.

Frankie Seaberry


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