Looking for a leader

September 25, 2013 

President Obama made a lot of promises the people fell for. When asked where he was getting all of the money, his reply was that there's lots of it out there and he was going to get it. When people complained, he told us that we should tighten our belts while he squandered the money.

He took that position to serve the people. Bribery and blackmail and pretending to be president doesn't work.

We, the people, should have the decision about our insurance and the freedom to select other insurance, not just be tied down and trapped. Where are our rights?

Now he needs to borrow more money and has nothing to show for all that he has used already. We don't need to be blindfolded.

People, get out there and stand for what our ancestors worked so hard to give us, to be thankful for. Be American. This country is in need of a president.

Betty L. Storll


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