Skip the election, Hillary

September 26, 2013 

Hillary Clinton says she is wrestling with the idea to run again for president. I have advice for her: Don't. Who would want her as commander in chief?

She said she would do whatever it takes to advocate for the values and policies for which she thinks is right for the country. If you believe that, look at Benghazi; that should change your mind. Oh, it was a video that caused the attack, she said. She lied to help President Obama with the election. She and Obama lied for his own gain, in my opinion. The truth came out after the election, which he won. The truth was that it was an al-Qaida attack.

Who would want her to be the commander in chief of their sons and daughters? She didn't tell the truth then and she still does not tell the truth about it. She took the security away that they had. All of this was done, I believe, to help Obama's election. Obama said the terrorists were defeated and on the run. He lied; they weren't.

I pray for any soldiers sent overseas, for if they got into a battle and got killed, she would probably say: What difference does it make?

Well, make it the people's difference; vote for someone of honor and integrity. In my opinion Hillary Clinton has neither one.

Robert Frisch


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