Not about race, religion

September 26, 2013 

Letter writer Frankie Seaberry in her latest left-wing rant accused me of all sorts of stuff because I dared to question some of President Obama's appointments. Had she read my letter a little more carefully. even she would have noticed that I was questioning their connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, which is classified as a terror organization in some parts of the world. I was not questioning their religion nor their race for that matter.

The Muslim Brotherhood states that its three main objectives are:

* Promotion of Shariah law throughout the world.

* The "civilization jihad" in America (destroying Western civilization from within).

* Influence in policy groups (mainly conservative groups especially the GOP, which they see as their greatest opposition).

Now if this is what Seaberry and her ilk want for America, I will fight this with every breath I have left in me. It has not one thing to do with race or religion. It has to do with keeping America the greatest country on earth in spite of the likes of Seaberry and her one-world government, commie-loving president.

Larry McClintick