Marriage licenses

September 26, 2013 

Theren Craig Gray II of East Alton to Ashlee Elizabeth White of East Alton.

Robert Murray Blaine of Belleville to Natalie M. Moreno of Belleville.

Matthew James Walker of Rockford to Laura Jean Watt of Rockford.

David Robert Hart of Leicester, England to Theresa Ann Duncan of Granite City.

Ronald Joe Harris Jr. of Wood River to Alicia Lynette Pollard of Wood River.

Andrew Carl Dunn of Granite City to Candace Nicole VanHorn of Granite City.

Vennie Vincent Bennett Jr. of Granite City to Theresa Lynn Grider of Granite City.

Joshau Edward Kopp of Jerseyville to Autumn Marie Edgell of Jerseyville.

Jeremy Tyler Diveley of Roxana to Amanda Nicole Silvey of East Alton.

Shawn Lee Hart of Cottage Hills to Brenda Kay Hammond of Wood River.

Ryan Jackson Holland of Alton to Amanda Ray Sanders of Bunker Hill.

Mark Andrew Gerkin Jr. of Granite City to Kayla Renee Vinson of Granite City.

Kyle Ross Hollingsworth of Belleville to Evon LaShawn Wilburn of Belleville.

William Warren Homes of Troy to Samantha Anne Minnegan of Troy.

Allan Robert Bloemker of Orlando, Fla. to Donna Jean Young of Orlando, Fla.

William Jesse Reed of Godfrey to Kelci Rubenstein of Godfrey.

Erick Melvin Seger of St. Jacob to Sara Lynn Reinacher of St. Jacob.

Ronald Louis Meier of St. Louis to Peggy Jean Pool of Swansea.

Johnny Paul Hash of Wood River to Dara Denene Nolte of Wood River.

Frank Joseph Visser of Alton to Brittany Leann Tharp of Alton.

Brett Charles Smith of Granite City to Kathleen Rene Schroeder of Granite City.

Antonio Diego Sanchez of Collinsville to Priscilla Lynn Villagran of Collinsville.

Scott David McGarvey of Wood River to Emily Kathleen Bowen of Wood River.

Joseph Timothy Zummo of Fredricktown, Mo. to Latoya Angelique Hickman of Collinsville.

Nicholas Edward Hazelwonder of Alton to Jessica Brooke Knox of Alton.

Curtis Wayne Stilwell of Wood River to Megan Alexa Liles of Wood River.

Matthew Thomas Peskar of Collinsville to Kelly Jo Naves of Collinsville.

Caleb Steven Ragsdale of Wood River to Chelsea Jean Mick of Wood River.

Dennis Okeefe Simmerman of Corydon, Ind. to Sherrie Ann Simmerman of Corydon, Ind.

Jeremy Thomas of Godfrey to Jennifer Rose Urbonas of Godfrey.

James Benton Hines IV of Collinsville to Breannon Nichole Stangle of Collinsville.

Craig Allen Kramer of Granite City to Tanya Rae Keesee of Granite City.

Eric Eugene Schneider of East Alton to Rachal Olivia Boner of East Alton.

Dylan Leland Jackson of Wood River to Catarena Clarene Cee Cee Wiegand of Wood River.

Christopher Blake Hall of Alton to Paige Nicole Reynolds of Alton.

Christopher Dale Barclay of Godfrey to Theresa Nicole Julius of Alton.

Hoover De'edrick Lamont Isaiah of Centralia to Lolita Nanette Elaine Moody of Centralia.

Travis Michael Dale of Bethalto to Kelly Dawn McReynolds of Bethalto.

John Logan Stonecipher of Bethalto to Brandy Lee Slover of Bethalto.

Benny E. Davis of Wood River to Jenna Lee Antoine of Wood River.

Randolph James Bagent Jr. of Bethalto to Brooke LeAnn Morgan of Maryville.

Ranish Man Shakya of Maryville to Swechhya Singh of Maryville.

Cartell L. Kirkwood of Granite City to Raven Renee Hill of Madison.

Tyler Morison Burch of Moro to Shannon Nicole Norman of Moro.

Dustin James Compton of Troy Jenna Michelle Wrigley of Alhambra.

Brian Keith Tomarchio of Collinsville to Elizabeth Anne Williams of Collinsville.

Elmer Geovanni Angel Garcia of East St. Louis to Veronica Monterrosas Ramirez of Caseyville.

Steven Tindelle Schoeber II Mt. Olive to Janelle Dawn Beckwith of Roxana.

Rickey Lee Albert II of Collinsville to Shannon Rose Hilker of Collinsville.

Kaleb Scott Cowan of Bunker Hill to Tonya Meredith Anglin of Bunker Hill.

Zachary Tyler Heischmidt of Bethalto to Caty Beth Rose of Bethalto.

Jason Michael Kesterson of St. Louis to Jessica Ann Fogler of St. Louis.

Joseph Michael Simonds of East Alton to Kelly Elizabeth Langley of East Alton.

Zachary James Lasbury of Wood River to Lindsay Ellen Jackson of Wood River.

Colin William Sexton of Highland to Jennie Lynn Mersinger of St. Jacob.

Brandon Dee Sweitzer of Caseyville to Heather Juline Porter of Alton.

Mark Andrew Pattillo of Belleville to Kathryn Sue Tucker of Godfrey.

Orville Jay Creacy of Wood River to Katherine JoAnn Driver of Wood River.

Curstan Dujuan Stiff of Alton to Kendra Lynette Malone of Alton.

Mark Edward Dorsey of Godfrey to Doe Ann Lind of Godfrey.

Ryan Christopher Kress of Troy to Amy Christina McCaleb of Troy.

Troy Dewayne Nelson of Pocahontas to Michelle Renee Lorenz of Pocahontas.

Kyle Wayne Perkins of Collinsville Brittnee Anne Langreder of Collinsville.

Thomas Alan Beck Jr. of Pontoon Beach to Emilee Lynn Diak of Granite City.

Marco De Angelo Williams of Belleville to Mecheah Demeec Pugh of Belleville.

Joshua Charles Notz of Weldon Springs, Mo. and Jennifer Lynn Ward of Weldon Springs, Mo.

Jason Cott Pieper of Granite City to Alicia Lynn Reed of Granite City.


Brooke Marie Streicher of Troy to Megan Leigh Franklin of Godfrey.

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