Disappointed with Kirk

September 27, 2013 

I am appalled at the content of U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk's comments regarding his commitment to the military mission and its impact on Southern Illinois.

During the past six months I have written, e-mailed, and called his office more than 30 times, communicating my concerns over the loss of pay to civilian employees during the mandated Department of Defense furlough, money being misdirected to fraudulent government contractors, and his support to providing a combined Senate and House annual budget for the president. Not one of my correspondences have ever been answered, and I had the unfortunate experience of speaking to the rudest staffer of my life in his office, who clearly communicated Kirk's support of the furlough and explained his office was too busy to answer correspondence. I explained that Sen. Dick Durbin and Rep. Bill Enyart both responded to my correspondence, and that although I had voted for Kirk in the previous election and not them, that would not happen again.

Senator Kirk, what a fraud.

Robert C. Durbin


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