Time to vote on MidAmerica

September 28, 2013 

For a while, it looked as if St. Clair County Board Chairman Mark Kern had outmaneuvered several board members pushing for more accountability regarding MidAmerica Airport.

It seemed that Kern had stopped the ordinance -- which would have placed responsibility for airport spending with the elected board rather than the appointed Public Building Commission -- and appeased board members with a promise of more frequent airport status reports.

But the bipartisan band of bulldogs --Democrats Larry Stammer and Frank Heiligenstein and Republicans Ed Cockrell and David Tiedemann --aren't letting go of this issue.

On Monday they will attempt to get the ordinance approved by the board's Judiciary Committee and then sent to the full board for a vote.

Your move, Mr. Chairman. Will you let the ordinance go forward, or will you try once again to derail it?

Kern needs to allow the vote.

It would be a shock if it passed. Kern has too many bobbleheads on the board to back him up. Still, a vote would put board members on record about whether they will accept responsibility for the millions of dollars lost on MidAmerica operations each year, or whether they shirk it.

The public elected the board members to represent them, and that should include representing them on spending decisions at MidAmerica Airport. Thanks to Stammer, Heiligenstein, Cockrell and Tiedemann for refusing to give up.

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