Finally we'll see Obamacare

September 29, 2013 

The headline in Section B of the Belleville News-Democrat on Tuesday reads: "Uninsured? It's time to sign up for 'Obamacare.'"

It has been four-plus years since Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi told the members, "We have to pass this bill to find out what is in it." So the Affordable Care Act was passed and sent to the Senate, which passed it too. Again, without knowing what was in it. Then President Obama signed it. I don't know whether he knew what was in it, either.

Now, after about four years, during which time the U.S. Supreme Court said that the act was constitutional and many new regulations were created by unelected bureaucrats, we are all (except those who have been exempted) told that we must sign up for something that most of us know little, if anything, about. (The original bill was more than 1,200 pages long and who knows how many pages have been added by the regulators.)

So, I guess it depends on who you believe, liberals and most Democrats who are all for it, or conservatives and many Republicans who say it should be defunded, killed and a new bill written.

Oh, by the way, among those getting exemptions are the Congress members and all their staffs and more than likely, the president. There appear to be a number of other organizations but not unions at this time.

I know most of the unions financially supported Obama and voted for him, so they may get their exemption yet.

Bob Walter

Glen Carbon

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