Quit stalling on Keystone pipeline

September 29, 2013 

It has been five years since the Keystone XL pipeline was submitted for approval. In those five years, the State Department has concluded it will have minimal environmental impact. There have been numerous studies about its safety and economic effect. The time for more studies and more delay is over. It's time to build the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Construction of the Keystone XL pipeline will support more than 20,000 construction and manufacturing jobs. It will stimulate the U.S. economy by $20 billion. It's a shovel-ready construction project that will add $6.5 billion in personal income for American workers. It will provide us with a reliable source of oil from our closest ally. It will also provide a way to move the abundant U.S. oil from places like North Dakota to Gulf Coast refineries.

The American people know the benefits that the Keystone XL Pipeline will bring. That's why poll after poll shows they are strongly supportive of it, and that's why a bipartisan group in Congress has urged President Obama to approve the pipeline.

I am writing to join this chorus of support for the Keystone XL pipeline. Please stop the delays and approve this pipeline today.

Richard Orr


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