Sound-off 9/30

September 29, 2013 

Despite the new ordinance targeting renters in Belleville, they are actually the lucky ones. By having nothing invested they can leave this city at any time with no financial loss to themselves. Besides an increase in crime, Belleville is on the decline because of corruption in its government and a racist attitude by the old guard. Until these issues are addressed, anyone would be insane to invest one dime in this city.

Landlords penalized

Here we go again. Take a much-needed crime-free ordinance and turn it into a money maker. Our Belleville leaders have this ordinance all backward; $25 per unit is not the issue here. It's that they put everything on the landlord. Landlords are small businesses and this is another regulation they have to deal with. When a person wants to rent in Belleville, he goes to get a permit. At this point the housing police should do a background check. For $25 they should do it all. Classes are stupid. The aldermen should be the ones going to class.

Greed gets in the way

The real reasons why O'Fallon 90, Central 104 and Shiloh 85 won't consolidate is because of greed and the arrogance of O'Fallon 90's board of education. Back when Districts 104 and 85 didn't have two nickels to rub together, the O'Fallon 90 board wouldn't have anything to do with them. Now that both of these districts are thriving commercially, O'Fallon 90 is rubbing its hands together like Mr. Burns from "The Simpsons": Let's get their money, let's get their money. When the pure arrogance and greed of 90 stops, then maybe there will be meaningful talk about consolidation, but not until then. O;Fallon High School District 203 isn't any better.

Look closer at banners

I believe the guy who complained last week in Sound-off about Christmas lights and decorations in Collinsville should get his eyes examined. I live in Collinsville and haven't seen any Christmas decorations yet. Only the green lights and red banners for the Italian Fest.

Don't require flu shots

My employer is mandating that employees get a flu shot, threatening a loss of pay and even our jobs if we refuse to take the shot. First, it's my body and I should have the right to choose what is injected into it. Second, take a close look at the active ingredients in the shot, you will be shocked. Third, there are documented cases of people who have become sicker from the flu shot than if they wouldn't have taken it. Finally, there is no evidence the flu shot prevents the flu since even the professionals agree they are not sure what strain of flu will be out there and if that vaccine will help. It should be a personal right to skip this shot without fear of losing your job.

Asleep at the switch

I'm calling in response to the brief about the kindergartner in Troy who wandered away from the school and no one seemed to know how. When she got off the bus at school, she turned left and walked away from the school in front of the acting chief of police and another officer. It's on video, so it certainly can't be debated. For them to say they don't know how it happened, she was inside, she wandered off, they are just trying to cover up the facts. Thank goodness nothing happened to her. The Troy Police should be ashamed.

Learn from Missouri

So Illinois is shutting down the intersection at Interstate 64 and I-55/70 to do repaving during the weekend. Why not take a page out of Missouri's handbook of how and when to repair highways? If Illinois had an ounce of common sense it would do this work at night. It's cooler. Less traffic. It doesn't surprise me the way Illinois is run. Sadly, the sheep keep voting the same politicians back in. There are more sheep than voters.

Shut revolving door

When is this county going to get serious about drugs, drug use, makers of drugs and drug pushers? They jeopardize our police officers, who are protecting us. It's time to get rid of these guys. Our law enforcement officers bring them in only to see them walk right back out. We need to get them off our streets and out of our cities and county.

Nightlife in Belleville

Some friends took me out for my birthday in Belleville, I usually go to St. Louis, but I was so impressed with Belleville. I could not believe they had so many little nightclubs along the strip. I felt I was at Laclede's Landing. It was so awesome. They had clubs for an older crowd and for a younger crowd. It has been a long time since I've been in Belleville and I am just calling to let everybody know the Belleville strip is nice. Everybody should support Belleville.

Politicking in disguise

The guest column written by Ann Callis, the former judge running for Congress, was nothing but a political ad. She may have stated her opinion but she cut down her opponent at every turn. She should have to pay for this. This should not be something she gets to spout off on with no rebuttal from him. He should get a free chance to rebuke her; it's not fair that this woman gets to get in this paper and make all these accusations.

Obama hasn't a clue

Letter writer Michael Ray Dillier is correct about the Syrian problem. We should stay out of it. What he's not correct on is his assessment of President Obama's role. Obama has not been a leader on this. He's been wishy-washy at best. Our president has no idea what to do. The job is not that easy. When you elect a professor who's never signed the front of a paycheck, this is what you get.

Block those calls

Recently a letter writer asked if anyone knew a way to get the sales calls to stop coming when you are on the national Do Not Call list. Sadly what I had to do was purchase a telephone that announces who is calling and it also has a blocked call option. It does help. I won't answer the call unless I recognize the name announced. I hope that helps the writer.

Switch to a cell phone

Regarding a letter writer's request for advice on how to eliminate unwanted sales calls: Disconnect the land line telephone, get a cell phone. That's what I did and I have no more problems.

State of corruption

The letter writer attacking the BND for its concerns with crime and corruption in St. Clair County is either a beneficiary of the corruption or incredibly uninformed. I have lived in Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Virginia and Tennessee, and in each county corrupt politicians were an exception. In St. Clair County corrupt politicians are the rule. The paper is to be commended for trying to reform our declining county.

Golf cart irritants

I don't know how many times recently I've gone down Smelting Works Road and golf carts are being driven around. They pay no license stickers, they have no insurance, they don't know which way they are going. I think Swansea should put an end to all these golf carts on Smelting Works Road.

Casual voting

Since the election of a Belleville Township trustee went so well with a hand vote, it wouldn't surprise me if the next president of the United States is elected by a Democrat tossing a baseball bat to a Republican and then going hand over hand to the top with three fingers to see who wins.

Buyer, beware

When a private citizen buys a car, he usually has it inspected by a good mechanic. If he buys a house, he has it checked by a housing inspector. But the people who run Belleville bought a swamp for $1 million and it literally is a swamp. And St. Clair County leaders gave some sharpie from New York $250,000 for a warehouse at MidAmerica Airport that never was built. If they had down their homework, they would have know he owed several million dollars in back taxes.

Different standards

The Obama administration tells us not to judge all Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics -- but they encourage to us to judge all gun owners by the actions of a few lunatics. It's funny how that works.

Bad for the grass

It's amazing that anyone scheduled a college football game to be played in Busch Stadium on the grass. The grass was all torn up from the spike shoes of the football players and the outfield had to be replaced. I doubt if a college football team made enough money to pay for all the labor costs and the new grass. By the way, why was football even played in a baseball stadium when we have a perfectly good football stadium right down the road?

A provision for this

I take exception to your editorial on penalizing voters in East St. Louis, your argument is by invalidating all voters in the city and making them re-register, that some people will not get notices or be missed or whatever. Isn't that what provisional ballots are for at the polling place? I know every election that I've participated in I do see people who have to fill one out so their vote can be validated.

Abandon all hope

Regarding Gov. Pat Quinn refusing to pay lawmakers: I lost any hope for Illinois a long time ago, but if House Speaker Mike Madigan, Senate President John Cullerton and their people were in the private sector, they would have lost their jobs a long time ago. They would have been replaced with people who would do what is expected of them. When a person is 50 years old and can retire from the Illinois Correctional System, draw $65,000 a year in pension and have insurance paid by the taxpayers for the rest of his life, there's something drastically wrong. This needs to be fixed.

Great on paper only

It's sickening to listen to or read sports reporters hype the St. Louis Rams. Everybody on the team is the best until it's time to play. Case in point, Tayvon Austin. He's like a waterbug. He runs around in a circle but not down field. In the humiliating defeat by the San Francisco 49ers, Austin caught two passes for six yards and returned six punts for 19 yards. And this is the No. 1 pick? Be happy we have the Cardinals in St. Louis because the Rams are losers.

Advice for drivers

Dear metro-east commuters: Is it really necessary to make multiple lane changes so that you can get three feet ahead of the car you were just following? And stop tailgating,, please. The driver in front of you may be more stupid than you are, if that's possible. He might slam on his brakes just to teach you a lesson; it doesn't always work out well. Stop at stop signs, don't run red lights, and a yellow light means caution, not speed up. Use your turn signals. We can't read your mind as to what you're going to do next.

Ready for a recall

I wish the voters of Fairview Heights could recall Alderwoman Linda Arnold. She is the worst. I am ashamed to have her as my representative after her recent sad performance of working to stop the building of the ball field for our special needs children in Fairview Heights.

Portrait of a DUI

People need to look at their mom, dad, brothers, sisters, teachers, priests, retail workers, laborers, mailmen, sailors, policemen, congressmen, nurses, doctors, lawyers, judges, sponsors, Realtors, hearing officers, office workers, janitors, neighbors, every trade in the world. These are the monsters you think of when you hear about someone arrested for driving under the influence. They're just regular Americans.

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