Glitches for Obamacare

September 30, 2013 

Well, it's time for the rolling out of the Obamacare express. People will be faced with purchasing a health care plan or paying a fine.

There are probably some aspects that President Obama's sheep are not considering. First, the system is designed so that all of the poorer, unhealthy people will purchase government- subsidized plans, while many younger and healthier people will forgo purchasing any plan and deal with the fine instead. Apparently they take the fine out of any tax return the individual would get. So what will the person do if facing a fine? He'll simply change his withholdings.

Furthermore, have any of these people enamored with Obamacare been reading the paper? Numerous articles have explained that the lower premiums are only introductory to bring in new consumers, and then at a later date these premiums will rise. Any of the plans that would be used by those less fortunate would be accompanied with sizeable deductibles. Affordable health care? I think not.

Another article explained that the affordable plans will consist of a small number of doctors and hospitals. Choice of provider? Not too much.

Some contributors have attempted to show how the public has learned to love Social Security, Medicare and other government programs, and that Obamacare will soon join these. I ask readers to study and determine the solvency of any of these government programs.

James J. Price


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