Keep constituents informed

October 1, 2013 

I attended a neighborhood meeting the night after the Belleville crime-free housing ordinance was approved. Ward 7 Alderman Trent Galetti was asked if he had a report and he said, "no report." Am I crazy, or was the crime-free housing vote not big news? And the Meredith Home demolition got tabled to see whether a developer could make plans for it.

Another interesting thing that could have been shared with the citizens is the information about the website. Maybe none of these things are important to him but I do feel the neighbors who were there would like to know this information. It is his duty to keep Ward 7 informed and listen to his constituents when making decisions on his votes.

He said he voted "no" on the crime-free housing ordinance because no one called him or emailed him. So friends in Ward 7, please call or e-mail Trent when you have an opinion about an upcoming vote. After all, in his platform for election he talked a lot about crime, yet voted no on crime-free housing. I'm confused.

Victoria Weygandt


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