Township trustees can't serve two masters

October 2, 2013 

At the last St. Clair Township Board meeting I asked the board members to state who they were representing in the sewer negotiations with Swansea. I was shocked to learn that Trustees Greg Hipskind and Jaynie Wells and Supervisor Dave Barnes believe they are representing both the township sewer users and the Swansea sewer users in the negotiations.

I pay a bill to the township to provide me with sewer services and the outcome of the negotiations with Swansea will directly impact my sewer bill. Why on earth would these township elected officials think for a minute that they are representing the Swansea sewer users who do not pay a dime to the township for sewer services? That would be like a union going into negotiations with management and the union representatives stating that they represent the management's interests, too.

I urge these board members to reconsider their position on whom they are representing in the sewer negotiations with Swansea since it is my and other township sewer users' bills that will be affected by the outcome of the negotiations.

John Frazier


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