Toss out the Tea Party

October 2, 2013 

Apparently it's time for another Republican-led and hyped government shutdown and debt- ceiling crisis. Essential tasks of governance that once were routine and bipartisan are now pawns in an endless game of political chicken -- and people's frustration with government is palpable.

Corporate media uninspiringly blame Congress. Indeed, that's where dysfunction is most apparent. \But the problem isn't all of Congress, it's with a faction of Republicans the Tea Party members. They drive their narrative even though their extreme views are well outside the American mainstream. Traditional Republicans fear them because the big money backing them will torpedo anyone who dares get in their way.

Their intransigence has paralyzed our government for nearly four years. They haven't brought reform, prosperity or anything positive. Their objective is simply to castrate government.

Whenever these crises happen, regular naysayers suggest tossing out all incumbents. Well, isn't that what the Tea Party supposedly did? How's that working out?

Republican obstruction has stalled our nation's recovery, damaged the economy and as stock markets tank, retirements for millions get plundered -- again. And who profits most when stocks eventually come back? The super-rich, who gleefully buy back undervalued stock when the markets bottom out.

This isn't patriotic or populist; it's just another ploy for the rich to get even richer at our expense.

We still have dedicated, thoughtful representatives in Congress who understand compromise and their need to represent the American people. Let's toss out the Tea Party obstructionists and keep our good representatives to help clean up their mess.

Kevin J. Gagen


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