Simple fix for gridlock?

October 2, 2013 

What would happen if all votes cast in the House and the Senate were silent and the results only released 120 days prior to the next election? What if term limits were implemented along with taking away the giant pensions and perks?

I wonder what would happen if all campaign contributions were eliminated along with lobbyists and each candidate got an equal amount of money and TV time during an election?

I will tell you, politicians would vote what they believe and what they feel is right, not what their constituents or their party tell them they must do. Political gridlock would be eliminated and honesty placed back into politics.

At election time everyone would be on an equal playing field; no one would have an unfair edge. This would force them to run on merit.

When their voting results are released, we as voters could judge them on exactly what they did or did not do.

Politicians would stop passing laws to benefit themselves, their contributors and big business, they would be forced to do what is right for the people because they know they are going to end up right back with us, the regular people. No lifetime job.

Unfortunately as things stand, every one of these politicians are lying to the country from the president all the way down, and they will continue to do it until we stop them. I wonder if the American people will ever wake up?

Pete Scalcione


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