No need to be so picky

October 2, 2013 

I enjoy the Belleville Farmers Market and all of the vendors with their wares. Recently I came across a group from Carlyle. I asked if they had any "seconds" of tomatoes. I was informed that they wouldn't and couldn't sell them to me in case I got sick from a moldy tomato. This group was inferring our huge number of lawsuits.

I have been making and canning salsa for 15 years for personal use and some lucky friends. I make enough to last until the following summer and keep it in an extra fridge that I have. Don't these people realize you can get sick from healthy-looking fruits and veggies? I get more freaked out when I see a lemon or lime in my water at a restaurant. Where have those hands been, how old is the fruit?

How about those healthy looking cantaloupes in Colorado? How many people died from those? There have been salad mixes in the bags contaminated with salmonella. The list goes on and on.

I want to thank the nonprofit group for selling me the box of tomatoes. I plan on giving them two jars of my wonderful salsa.

Lisa Schott Rhodes


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