Desensitized to death?

October 3, 2013 

I was disturbed to hear of yet another story of the unconscionable treatment of a child. According to a news account, a 23-year-old East St.Louis mother gave birth to a full-term baby in her bathroom, then, deciding the newborn was dead, she tossed him out of her second-floor window into nearby bushes. She then went out on a date. Five hours later, she finally summoned help -- for herself.

As many times as we hear of the callousness of people toward innocent life, is it any surprise that when we should be outraged, we are barely disturbed? How shameful that the human spirit has no qualms when it comes to the death of another. Indeed, there is no respect for life. Those weakest among us, the defenseless infant, is viewed by society as throwaway; garbage.

What would cause a mother, one who is supposed to be a child's fiercest protector, to toss her baby living or not, out a window like trash? It all comes back to the lie of abortion and choice. After 40 years we have become desensitized; murder now walks the streets.

What is even more inexcusable is the silence from the churches. Where are the representatives of Christ? Incredibly, it appears a pair of designer athletic shoes holds more value and deems more protection than an human life.

Angela Michael

Director, Small Victories Highland

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