Tea Party in a different light

October 3, 2013 

I fundamentally disagree with letter writer Joseph Reichert's assessment of the Tea Party. I'm not sure how he connected the dots between the Tea Party and racism.

There is no "unified" Tea Party. In fact, there are several factions and they often disagree with each other.

I receive e-mails from several Tea Party groups and they never, ever mention social issues. They are mostly concerned about taxation, the economy and the national debt.

The Tea Party movement was started informally when Rick Santelli, an analyst on CNBC, not Fox News or Rush Limbaugh, talked about our deficit and the national debt. Yes, there is a difference.

If Reichert would review video of the 2009 rallies, he would find most attendees are senior citizens. These are the people he thinks are too old and out of touch with today's society.

Yes, technology is daunting, but Tea Party members are not the old, doddering fools who pine for the 1950s, except for maybe how the cars looked back then.

Liberals love to categorize people, but we are a diverse and predominantly good society, and I, for one, accept that.

Phil Henning


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