Just trying to cause us pain

October 4, 2013 

Tuesday, the spillway at Carlyle Lake was barricaded. The boat ramp, too. The marquee said the park was closed because of the government shutdown.

The government is not shut down. Government services are still being done; only 900,000 non-essential employees are on an unpaid vacation.

The Army Corps of Engineers, who works for us -- notice the sign on Lakeside that says it is "our" park -- is being used by the Democrats against America, purposely spreading "pain" against us, hard-working Americans.

The visitor center being closed makes sense; but to close the open spaces is offensive, arrogant and partisan. Barring the tax-paying citizens from our park because Democrats want to pressure the Republicans into caving has to be resisted now.

Americans need to stand strong; we are facing a meltdown of everything we used to think was American: deficits of unpayable proportions and invasions of privacy of Orwellian proportions.

The Democrats are shoving this in our face for the purpose of increasing the thousands of Americans who have already lost their jobs, their health care and their freedoms so that America can finally be subdued and conquered.

This fake closing is a Democrat ruse to continue converting senior citizens' paid benefits into welfare and put 16,000 new IRS agents on us. That's three additional in Clinton County.

Adrian P. Heuermann


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