Ex-ESL cop who resigned after being drunk gets new job

News-DemocratOctober 5, 2013 


— A veteran East St. Louis police officer who resigned in April amid allegations that he showed up drunk to take a burglary report is now a police officer with the East St. Louis Park District.

The five member Park District Board voted to swear in Ricky Perry on Thursday.

Irma Golliday said Perry is currently volunteering. She said he won't be working alone or paid for at least six months.

Golliday was aware of Perry's past, but said Perry had addressed his personal issues and passed all the stipulations that were put on him before he was allowed to become a member of the park district's police force.

Perry's duties will include patrolling the parks. Once he is a paid officer, he will earn $10 an hour. Golliday said he started volunteering Friday.

Perry resigned from the East St. Louis Police Department on April 3 while the department was conducting an investigation into a resident's allegations that he showed up drunk to take a burglary report. Perry submitted a letter of resignation to the police department.

Don Brown, of East St. Louis, who filed the complaint against Perry, said he called the police department at 1 a.m. and Perry didn't arrive until 4 a.m. on March 24. He said Perry was drunk and used profanity while he was investigating the complainant's report of burglary and arson. The resident also said Perry had a visible alcohol container in his car.

Perry, 43, told a reporter at the time that the resident's allegations were false. He was not charged in the incident. He said he twice asked to take a test to prove he had not been drinking. Instead, Perry was sent home on paid leave. East St. Louis Police Chief Michael Floore said no State Police trooper was available that morning to administer the test to Perry, which was standard protocol.

In 2007, Perry was found passed out behind the wheel of his police car in Belleville while it was running. Perry had his foot on the brake when Belleville police officers found him. Perry also had his loaded service weapon in the vehicle with him.

When Perry resigned, Floore said, "The public good and service to the community are of paramount interest to the East St. Louis Police Department. Therefore, I accept the resignation of Officer Perry."

Floore acknowledged Perry's 13 1/2-year career with the department, where he worked in patrol and investigations. Floore said the job Perry did while with East St. Louis earned him numerous awards.

In 2009, murder charges were dismissed against a defendant when a judge ruled that Perry wasn't credible. Since then, two county prosecutors have refused to issue charges in cases where Perry was the chief investigator or a witness.

Golliday said the chief of the park district police, Marion Hubbard, got a number of good recommendations on Perry as a police officer.

"From the recommendations that we received from former employees, he was a good police officer. He had some personal issues that needed to be addressed, and he has done that," she said.

Hubbard could not be reached for comment.

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