When you watch a sporting event, what do you snack on?

October 6, 2013 

"I like nachos with a lot of jalapenos. Hockey is my favorite sport to watch. I go to games and watch them on TV. Hopefully, the Blues will do really well."

Jake knaup, 20


manager at Imo's in Cahokia

"Nachos and cheese, with jalapenos, whatever (wife Barb) feels like making. We sit and watch all the games, college football, hockey -- it starts Thursday. We will be there. Her nachos are better. It's the TLC."

Jim Karban, 66


retired UPS driver

"I usually bring a bag of Twizzlers, and tonight I didn't. I usually have Twizzlers at every game. I like the strawberry flavor."

Janet Kaemmerer, 47


works at a Belleville law firm

"Pretzels with cheese. I watch the Cardinals on TV, but we like to go, too. I think we'll go all the way to the World Series."

Michelle Ruppel, 32


mom of three, Kylie, 6; Carson, 3; and Addison, 10 months. She is taking a year off. "I have an in-home daycare."

"I just chew gum all the time, whatever flavor my wife buys. I'm usually at soccer games; I'm never at home to watch sports. When I am, I snack on Goldfish (crackers) or whatever they snack on."

Rob Schmieder, 42


lawyer, with daughter Tess, 8, watching son Tyler, Tess' twin

"Normally popcorn, with butter and salt. My favorite sport, I guess right now it would be baseball with the Cardinals. I both watch at home and go to games, especially with the kids. They like to see them live."

Adrian Vaughn, 45


Real estate agent and father of two, Roman, 5, pictured, and Adrian, 6

"I like honeybuns. I like to watch football. The Rams will win against the Jaguars."

Roman Vaughn, 5


"We eat hot dogs with mustard, and pop corn. Our favorite team? The St. Louis Blues."

Chris McGinnis, 37


police officer, with daughter Madison, 10, holding a friend's baby, Kyson

"Nachos with jalapenos. My favorite sport to watch is the baseball Cardinals. We're going to the World Series, baby."

Terri Souder, 37

Millstadt engineering manager at Boeing, with 3-year-old twins Reagan, left, and Dylan

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