What's out there: Baby hats, boxes and scarecrows

October 6, 2013 

Baby hats:nit caps for infants keep tiny heads warm plus look so darn cute. They're for newborns up to 12 months old. You'll find them at Target for $6.99. These are from the Shiloh store.

Fabric-covered boes: Being organized doesn't mean hiding how you do it. These quilt-covered boxes from Hobby Lobby in Fairview Heights add a country touch to decorating --and can store all kinds of craft supplies, papers, photos and more. The cardboard boxes are sturdy, and both the lid and the box are fabric-covered. Sizes range from smaller than a shirt box to extra-large and deep. Prices start at $7.99 and go up to $34.99. Look for them on display near the front of the store.

Happy scarecrow: Ideal for perching on a step or shelf, this wooden scarecrow sits with a box in his lap. Fill it with whatever autumn-themed items you want. He's $9.99 at Old Time Pottery in Fairview Heights. The pumpkin and gourds he's holding aren't included, but you can buy them for 99 cents each. (Turn left after you enter the store and you'll see this scarecrow and his companions.)

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