Don't fence out veterans

October 6, 2013 

My dad was an Army infantryman in World War II. He was a machine gunner on the front lines trudging through unimaginable conditions in the European theater.

He witnessed the freed prisoners who appeared as walking skeletons as they rejoiced and thanked American troops for their rescue. He saw his friends killed -- one who died in his arms as he lifted him from a foxhole. He suffered the bone-chilling cold and extreme conditions. He also took a piece of shrapnel in his leg, which pained him every day of his life from age 18 to his death at 83. He was a Purple Heart recipient.

So, when I witness that our government in Washington spends our money to erect fences around the open air WWII Memorial dedicated to men and women who were willing to serve our country in this life-changing battle, I'm outraged, disgusted and sickened. This political action denies these heroes of perhaps their last opportunity for viewing this tribute. Why put up fences where none were? The memorial is in the open air, open for all.

Certain Republican members of Congress have stepped forward and opened these gates for our vets. Now is the opportunity for Democrats, too, in a show of unity and respect for our heroes, to do the same and remove these gates permanently. Don't disrespect these men and women of valor by fencing them from a memorial built in their honor.

Nita Weissert


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