GOP just looks foolish

October 6, 2013 

The fanatical Republican fringe has held up a vote on our budget and shut down the government because they want to delay or not fund Obamacare. They further threaten to use Obamacare as a bargaining chip when the vote comes to raise the debt limit. So what if thousands of people are furloughed, some services come to a standstill, we default on our debt and send the stock market into a tailspin?

They stomp their feet and say they don't care. The world is watching and we look foolish.

Many Republicans are embarrassed by the actions of this fanatical group. If they really believe their dire predictions about Obamacare, their best strategy would be to let it get implemented and watch it fail. Then they could easily win the House, Senate and presidency. But I think they are afraid it might be a success. So they are putting up this fight now in a futile attempt to stop a law that was approved by both houses, signed by the president and upheld by the Supreme Court.

Their actions disrupt government services and hurt the economy. It will win them votes in their extreme conservative districts, but it won' t stop Obamacare.

Judy Neel


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