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October 6, 2013 

Not with our taxes

St. Clair County Transit District regularly provides bus transportation from the St. Clair Square parking lot in Fairview Heights to/from Busch Stadium (Redbird Express), the Jones Dome (Rams Express) and the Muny (Muny Express). They charge the riders $5 per adult and $2 per child for the round trip. I've read that the actual cost is more like $16 per person. The transit district site says more than 120,000 people took advantage of this service in 2011, so we're talking about a million-dollar difference between the cost charged and the actual cost of the service. What generous taxpayers we have in St. Clair County.

No more benefits

Regarding a recent article about Caseyville Township: I agree that part-time trustees should not receive health expense reimbursements. If they are part-time they must have other jobs. They should have insurance through their other job. They get $13,200 a year annual salary for just three meetings a month. This is just another reason why these townships are really not needed.

Give township credit

I am calling about the article on Caseyville Township. I've been working with the township for about six months now and I wasn't real happy with the Township Board either at one time. I've learned they are trying to do the right thing. I commend them for the job they are doing. The board is trying to be fiscally responsible. I think that's commendable.

Democrats in control

Good luck to the man who filed the complaint against Caseyville Township. The Township is just a tool of the Democratic Party. Nothing will happen since the state legislature and judiciary are controlled by Democrats and Caseyville Township is just operating the way the party wants it to. The Canty family has run the township for years and this is the way they have always operated. They love to lead the local parades and hand out candy while keeping all their township dealings concealed from the public. I wish the BND would publish transcripts of the meetings to see what we all are missing.

Wait at the bus stop

Would all parents whose children catch buses in the morning please have them out waiting for the bus or ready by the door if it is raining or snowing? Why do some buses have to park with their signs out, stopping traffic in both directions for three or four minutes, so Johnny or Susie can get their backpacks on or their find their homework, etc.? Buses are on schedule and rarely are off by more than one or two minutes.

Ought to be ashamed

If Reps. Bill Enyart, John Shimkus and Rodney Davis and Sens. Dick Durbin and Mark Kirk had any class, they would be hiding their faces in shame. None of them has the interests of the people in mind. They are doing nothing more than spouting idiotic party lines. The people who vote for any of these representatives in their next election is just as much at fault as them. Stop being lemmings and let's take our country back.

Nothing special here

I had the pleasure of seeing our own Sen. Dick Durbin on the Senate floor during the recent filibuster on C-SPAN. What a treasure he is. When challenged as to why the Obamacare exchanges are so good for us minions, but so bad for his highness that he had to be exempted from them, he compared his benefits to private sector employees. That's a laugh. Remember, when you're denied a subsidy on the exchange because your $50,000 annual salary is too high, Durbin's $194,300 annual salary qualifies him for a 72 percent subsidy. But you have to remember how special he is and how ordinary you are. You're nothing but a voter who put him where he is.

Stop repeating lies

I received a copy of Glenn McCoy's political cartoon via an online comics site. While I don't always agree with McCoy, I respected his right to his position -- until now. In his cartoon regarding exempting politicians from Obamacare, McCoy is passing along a lie about Obamacare that has been repeatedly debunked. My mother taught me that knowingly repeating a lie makes someone a liar. Well, under this definition, McCoy is either a liar or a fool. Neither one is a reason to be proud.

Touch of class

I thought it was so classy for the Belleville West soccer team to donate money to the soccer player from Gibault who was recently diagnosed with cancer. It seems like there is always so much bad news and it was great to see something so positive.

Unwelcome change

The sudden on-line comments change is outrageous. Having to use Facebook, AOL, or two other services is disrespectful to the rest of the BND subscribers. Did the BND even attempt to find out the subscribers' preferences?

Upset by obstruction

Fairview Heights Aldermen Linda Arnold and Scott Greenwald tried to stop the privately-funded construction of the Miracle League field for special needs children in Moody Park. Arnold made it appear her concern was that accessible bathrooms are not available, even though they are close by. However, both have told many people they don't want the fields built in a prominent place in the front of the park; they want to hide our kids' ball fields behind the recycling center, which is even further away from the handicap bathrooms. Shameful.

Poor job on roads

Magnolia and Shady Lanes in the Chenot Place subdivision were just resurfaced last spring, a year ago. The new asphalt is breaking up. They put a sealer over the top of the bad areas, which doesn't fix the problem. It just makes it more obvious. The job wasn't done right; the base is not compacted right and it's not thick enough. So, the matter should be looked into properly by St. Clair Township and not just pushed off by putting on a sealer, which will not help. If that is the thinking of our leaders of St. Clair Township, they better go back to school.

Questions for Canty

The recent article about Caseyville Township leads me to ask Township Supervisor Bruce Canty two questions. How can a full-time township employee collecting more than $75,000 per year in salary and benefits be a full-time real estate agent at the same time? I hope within a week he will resign one of these positions. I won't hold my breath. Second, I would like to know why the township allows employees to use vehicles and equipment, paid for with tax dollars, for personal use. Example, I heard that until recently, Canty used the township truck for years as his personal vehicle. I hope the IRS will look into this possible abuse of taxpayer funds.

Turn on the headlights

Amazing how many people don't use their headlights or even their fog lights in the fog. It's not like the headlights help you see, but they help other people see you. Recently on the way to work I almost pulled out in front of someone because they were too lazy to turn on their headlights. People need to realize that people need to see them. When you are driving in fog, it's hard to see the other guy.

Speak up on airport

With regard to this situation of the St. Clair County Board members running MidAmerica Airport instead of the corrupt group of people in charge now, I'm tickled to death to see some board members pushing for that. I'd like to know board member Dennis Renner's position. Why is he not standing up for people in O'Fallon? He was supposed to be a representative for the people but he's going right along with the people who run this county. Renner needs to stand up for the people regarding the airport.

Good to get weeds cut

Thanks to O'Fallon City Hall for the fast action on cutting the weeds on Highway 50. It looks very neat and now we can see coming out of the shopping center without worrying about being in a wreck.

Poor planning on pool

Regarding the pool in Belleville: If the city knew the pool was in need of replacement, why didn't it plan years ago to do that? We have no money for police, we have no money for a pool, but we bought a park that nobody wants and we giving money to Kroger, the nation's most profitable grocery chain. Is this new math by Mayor Mark Eckert?

Follow the money

Illinois can't balance its budget. Schools suffer from lack of funding and other projects have had to be put on hold, yet low- income homeowners can get up to $20,000 for home safety upgrades, which apparently they will never have to repay. When the rest of us get a home repair loan, we have to repay it; there is no free ride for us.

Disgusted by litter

So, I come out of a fast-food restaurant in Cahokia and what did I almost step on? Some ignorant person threw a used diaper in the parking lot right outside the door. It's hard to believe there are people like this in the world. Were their parents so irresponsible that they didn't teach them not to do stuff like this? I wish I were a police officer and would have caught them in the act because I would have written them a box of tickets and hauled them to jail.

Government hijacked

Today is Oct. 1 and it's a great lesson in U.S. government. If you think one vote doesn't count, if you think only 21 percent voting in Belleville is OK, you would be wrong. What you are seeing is a small minority of radical anarchists who have hijacked the Republican Party while the Democrats fight to the death like General Custer did to no avail. There is really nothing we can do about it right now. But the next time there is an election, voters need to make sure they understand what the people are for and what they are against, because clearly a minority can run the government.

Roundabout mistake

I'd like to know what governmental person designed the roundabouts they are putting in around the metro-east area. It's apparent they didn't do their homework. The roundabouts they are putting in look like cul-de-sacs in subdivisions I've been in -- small. If the person who designed these would have studied European roundabouts, he would have seen that they are huge compared to the ones in the metro-east. This is why the ones here are not going to work. All they are doing is creating a traffic jam and an accident waiting to happen.

Don't be a poor sport

What's with the coach at Triad High School? What a sore loser. How does he figure the Highland coach embarrassed anyone? He embarrassed himself by throwing passes. Why would he be embarrassed if he had a winning team? And yes. it was nice to beat them; they forget what Triad has been doing to Highland all these years. If the coaches can't play a nice game, how do they expect the kids to do so?

Now they're outraged

Illinois is broke yet we taxpayers have to pay $700,000 for three doors for the state capitol. Now we hear the governor and our local legislators join in the condemnation of the cost. Where were they when the project began? Surely some legislators were on a committee that approved the expenditure. I am tired of our legislators saying, "Yes, that should not have been done." Why don't they do something before the project is started?

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