Veterans just pawns in Obama's game

October 8, 2013 

More "Barrycades" go up around veterans.

It seems President Obama just can't keep his hands off veterans' memorials. First Obama had barricades erected around the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C. That did not stop the vets from visiting. So he added more barricades and secured them with plastic tie-wraps. The vets came through. Now he has had them wired shut with steel wire. No worries, those vets have lots of experience cutting through wire.

What is next Mr. President: guards, guns? Like all conflicts, escalation is inevitable.

Now, the Obama administration has barricaded access to 24 U.S. military cemeteries in Europe. Shame on Obama and his administration; the men buried there deserve better. Also, in what is one of the most insulting and frankly silly things Obama has done, he has closed the Omaha Beach Memorial. In what is both the height of hypocrisy and the definition of irony, this American president has sent men out to put barricades up to keep American soldiers away from the area. For any vets trying to visit again, they will find a similar situation as the last time they were there. Only this time it is their own commander in chief who is trying to block their access.

The Normandy Cemetery, also closed, contains more than 9,000 of our soldiers including three Medal of Honor recipients. To President Obama they are just chess pieces in his political game. Obama has no understanding of the words duty, honor, country.

Edward Tourigny


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