Speak up on gay marriage bill

October 8, 2013 

At the end of October, the Illinois House of Representatives will vote on the Gay Marriage Bill (SB10). The bill has already passed the Illinois Senate and the governor says he will sign it into law if passed by the House.

If gay marriage becomes the law in Illinois, the Illinois Family Institute reports that you can expect the following things to occur in public schools:

* Parents will lose the right to be the sole determiner of what their children learn about homosexuality and when they learn it.

* Children will be taught that when they grow up they can marry a man or a woman.

* Children will be taught that it is hateful and bigoted to believe that marriage is only between one man and one woman.

* Children will be taught implicitly and explicitly that mothers and fathers are interchangeable and that mothers or fathers are expendable.

This is the last chance to stop these things from happening to our children and grandchildren. Please go to www.ilga.gov and click on "legislator lookup" to find your Illinois House member. Call your representative and ask him to vote "no" on SB10.

Rep. Jay Hoffman is a key swing vote on this bill. His district covers parts of Belleville, Swansea, Fairview Heights, Caseyville and Granite City. His local office number is (618) 416-7407 and his Springfield number is (217) 782-0104. Messages can be left on his answering machine after business hours.

The Illinois Family Institute is also sponsoring a defend marriage rally at the capital on Oct. 23.

Tim Buchanan


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