Too many chances for Perry

October 8, 2013 

How many second chances should one city give an employee? We thought former East St. Louis police detective Ricky Perry had exceeded his limit already.

He got to keep his police job in 2007 when he was found passed out in Belleville behind the wheel of his running car, his service weapon at his side.

He got to keep his job in 2009 when a judge threw out a murder case over Perry's lack of credibility; prosecutors subsequently refused to pursue charges in cases he investigated.

He might have gotten to keep his job earlier this year when an East St. Louis resident alleged that Perry responded to a call drunk. However, Perry quit before the city Police Department completed its investigation of the complaint.

That should have been the last law enforcement job for Perry in East St. Louis. Instead, six months later, the city's Park District has put him and his baggage on its police force.

Park District Director Irma Golliday said Perry has addressed his personal issues. For everyone's sake, we hope so. Still, the Park Board is doing a real disservice to the people of East St. Louis by taking another chance on him.

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