Granite City attorney accused of forging client signatures

News-DemocratOctober 8, 2013 

A Granite City attorney has been reprimanded by the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission and accused of forging client's signatures on legal documents.

Alexander M. Wilson, attorney number 6204442, was suspended for five months by the ARDC in connection with five different Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings. In 32 of the pleadings he filed electronically in those cases, he forged the client's signature on the documents and represented that those signatures belonged to the clients. The client's signature is affixed beneath a declaration that the contents of the legal document are accurate.

The clients had not signed the printed copies of the pleadings and, in most cases, had not reviewed the documents or authorized Wilson to sign them, according to the ARDC. At least one of the pleadings was not factually accurate.

Wilson's suspension goes into effect Oct. 16.

The ARDC, which is an Illinois Supreme Court agency, imposes sanctions on attorneys who are accused of engaging in professional misconduct and violating the state ethics law.

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