Clean out the carpetbaggers

October 10, 2013 

There seems to be some confusion of what's to happen to the American worker because of the partial government shutdown. I know many people are concerned but, wait a minute, others don't give a care.

Did you know our congressmen and senators are so secure that it is frightening? Did you know the median worth of a House member is $765,010 and for a senator $238 million and they still get a $174,000 salary? For what?

Also hid among all this is free car, gas, parking and most air travel anyplace in the world. They get a month's vacation, a three-day work week (wow), health care, a pension plan and 401(k) plan, plus 44 percent of pay for retirement at age 62.

Folks, does this strike a nerve? Can you imagine that anyone with all these perks could really be too concerned about the average Joe? I doubt it.

If it takes impeachment, recall or whatever, it's time to rid our nation of these carpetbagger politicians.

Charles V. Lyerla


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