Count on the Answer Man

October 10, 2013 

In this era of half-truths, finger-pointing and outright lies I wonder if the people of Belleville realize what a calming (and common sense) influence we have in our midst? I refer to Roger Schlueter's column of Aug. 8.

A reader was alarmed by something called the "Information Awareness Office" that alleged the Muslim Brotherhood had set up housekeeping in the Oval Office. Roger responded with his usual folksy humor and went onto explain that the so-called Muslim terrorists were actually highly motivated and patriotic citizens who happened to be Muslim.

He even went onto give examples of a couple of such civil servants who were giving their time and talent to this nation while enduring such heifer's excrement as espoused by "Information Awareness Office" and other such sites.

How many more Muslim-Americans will have to live lives of sacrifice, honesty and decency before they, too, are granted the same benefit of a doubt that most of us take for granted?

I think that might be a good question next time I see Roger.

Catherine Stoltz


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