What are your study habits?

October 13, 2013 

We asked students from Deb Sauerhage's Journalism 101 class at Southwestern Illinois College

"I write out my notes in columns. I ask questions on one side and answers on the other. I can cover one up and then look at the other."

Asia Smith, 19


studying broadcast journalism

"I simply go in my room. It's quiet and I'm away from my noisy 3-year-old nephew. I highlight my notes with different colors: The most important is orange and pink; the least important is yellow."

LaQuesha Beard, 21


Speech/communication and journalism

"I use notecards. I start in advance and by the night of the test I have a big stack. I can take them anywhere."

Ashley Griffiths, 20


Mass communication

"I go to the school library. I take a blank sheet of paper and write out all I need to know. It's my sheet and it goes everywhere with me."

Jazmine Jones, 19



"I go to my room. It's more private and there's no interference and noise. I record (notes in class) and then write out what they're talking about afterwards. That way I have the time at my own speed to figure out what's been said."

Joshua Boyd, 19



"I take notes in class, then I rewrite them at home. I study better if my handwriting is perfect. I put everything in one straight column on the left."

Luke Sandheinrich, 19


Mass communication

"I like to read my materials carefully and also go through study questions and take notes. Sometimes, I'll go to the cafeteria or Starbucks to study."

Jeff Tate, 56



"I like to study in crowded areas -- the mall and sit at a table in the Food Court. Then I begin to read or whatever studying is required."

D'Mari Johnson, 19

Fairview Heights


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