Real Estate: What's your neighbor's home selling for?

October 13, 2013 

Recent real estate transactions for St. Clair and Madison counties.



* 317 River Laurel Drive; from Sherry Piffner; to Jacob W. Weir $155,000.

* 2420 Fourlakes Drive; from Mary Mayo; to Johy Mayo; $206,000.

* 2120 Centerville Ave.; from Ronald T. Metz and Christy L. Metz; to John W. King Jr. and Carolyn E. King; $45,000.

* 217 Boca Grande Drive; from Federal National Mortgage Assoc.; to Mary E. Powell; $98,000.

* 5 Dalia Lane; from Virginia R. Schantz; to John M. Durako and Denis L. Durako; $111,000.

* 3227 Stonebridge Drive; Obadiah J. Dalrymple and Danielle N. Dalrymple; to Dennis L. Livezey Jr. and Gretchen S. Livezey; $167,000.

* 1613 E. D St.; from Helen H. Wemps; to Rosa Marie Hahash; $44,500.

* 1005 Hawkridge Run; from Fulford Construction Inc.; to Jason Stehlick; $181,000.

* 2773 Brookmeadow Drive; Jennifer L. Lippert; to Logan M. Mann and Michelle M. Mann; $152,500.

* 363 N. 66th St.; from Jerry Trent; to Kelly Arnold; $70,000.

* 66 Country Club Place; from Kelly Arnold; to Jerry J. Trent Jr.; $272,500.

* 233 Warrensburg Drive; from Joseph R. Mayer and Wendalyn L. Mayer; to Lisa K Gunter; $150,000.

* 8310 W. Main St.; Carole A. Hiatt, Trustee; to Franklin W. Smyth; $166,000.

* 4 Dover; from Jerry Trent; to Eduardo Martinez; $125,000.

* 2 Ridge Lane; Robbie D. Prince; to Brian Woodward and Beth Woodward; $125,000.

* 17 Dover Drive; from Carl Simpson; to Keisha McWhorter; $105,000.

* 6 Marcia Lynn Court; from Mary J. Fischer; to Hecotr Gonzales and Sandra J. Gonzales; $77,500.

* 2024 Roosevelt Ave.; from Joan L. Browning; to Robert D Lindflott; $19,000.

* 3518 Summit Ave.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Turquoise Brown; $17,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.

* 111 Country Club Place; from Joely A. Landreth and Kenneth P. Landreth I; to Mark Kucharczyk and Amanda Kucharaczyk; $330,000.

* 2910 Reiss Ave.; from Patricia C. Hechenberger; to Robert Sims and Donna Sims; $16,000.

* 3116 Roland Ave.; from Clyde Kelly and Pamela Kelly; to Phase II Inc.; $46,000.

* 12 Hil Char Drive; from Michael R. Stegeman and lIsa A. Stegeman; to Mercantile Capital Inc.; $75,000.


* 1508 N. Main St.; from Brandon Gravot; to Edward Roman and Mary Bott; $500.


* 1013 Davis Street Ferry Road; from Danny L. Ferrell and Sandra S. Ferrell; to Tommy Joe Hodges; $125,000.


* 201 Alamosa Drive; from Chad Kent and Traci Kent; to Darryl Key; $119,500.

* 309 S. Belleville St.; from Terry Faezel and Tracy Faezel; to John P. Davinroy; $140,500.


* 9655 Winchester St.; from Kappert Construction Co. Inc.; to John C. Trevino and Jill M. Trevino; $311,000.

* 203 S. Maple St.; from Robert S. Sigman Sr. and Rachelle I. Sigman; to Gramm Family Trust; $23,000.


* 7852 Wagner Road; from Ronald L. Carter and Donna J. Carter; to Carrie Wieas; $235,000.

* 11-13 E. Van Buren St.; from Mike Kane and Mike Buccholz; to Jane Boron and Claudia Conklin; $155,000.

* 8 W. Laurel St.; from Patricia E. Christie; to Gregg L. Crawford; $18,000.


* 7448 Bottoms Spur Road; from Trevor C. Kleb and Kristin M. Kleb; $65,000.

* 606 S. Elizabeth St.; from Eileen M. Greco and Charlotte G. Glashagel; to Herbert M. Foerster Jr.; $23,000.

* 507 S. Johnson; from Samuel J. Greco; to Zachary Thomas Horn; $58,000.


* 712 Aladar Drive; from Barry K. Stolle and Kimberly J. Stolle; to Tammie C. Knapper; $176,500.

* 301 Schwarz Meadow Court; from Walter T. Stuppi and Dolores P. Stuppi; to Richard A. Kaiser and Deborah K. Kaiser; $204,500.

* 314 Aladar Drive; from David Boese and Nikole Boese; to Phillip G. Harrison and Kimberly M. Harrison; $173,000.

* 222 Peoria Lane; from Fulford Construction Inc.; to Charles Shaffer; $289,000.

* 410 W. 5th St.; from Naples Investment Group LLC; to Scott C. Votrain and Tammy L. Votrain; $39,000.

* 1079 Chapel Hill Drive; from Stone Bridge Villas LLC; to Connie S. Sinn; $333,000.

* 8 Brandonwood Drive; from DAvid Berry; to Nathan Flint and Rebekah Flint; $195,000.

* 1202 N. Smiley St.; from Bank of O'Fallon; to Kelly Komm and Kami Komm; $156,000.

* 806 Meadowlark Drive; from Gerard M. Carroll; to James Westhead Jr.; $169,000.


* 948 Dunberry Drive; from Michael B. Rodriguez III; to Jeffrey Blyden; $195,000.


* 5301 Blank Road; from John Lee Schneider; to Clyd Robb and Peggy Jean Robb; $320,000.


* 4281 Redfield Drive; from Andrew Schutzenhofer and Jennifer A. Schutzenhofer; to Michael Rodriguez and Amanda Rodriguez; $312,500.

* 5 Marilyn Ave.; from Jared W. Keck and Jamie Keck; to Alfredo Poveda and Maria Poveda; $131,000.



* 1348 W. Corbin St.; from Timothy E. Riggs and Sara M. Riggs; to Graig A. Goetten and Sarah M. Riggs; $103,000.

* 608 N. Walnut St.; from William E. Forsythe and Kerri D. Forsythe; to Brent Zirkelbach; $79,000.

* 109 Nelson Drive; from Randy Meredith and Suzanne M. Meredity; to Nathan C. Brown; $65,000.

* 311 W. Main St.; from Edward L. Womack Sr. and Deborah L. Rogers; to Lori Merli; $85,000.


* 30 Bethel Road; Curtis D. Welge and Debra K. Welge; to Scott Hedger and Cynthia Hedger; $157,500.

* 402 Su Andra Drive; from Gary L. Anderson and Susan J. Anderson; to Mark H. Guenther and Laura M. Guenther; $174,000.


* 636 Monroe St.; from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; to Colin J. Thery; $28,000 mortgage, but no sales price available.


* 235 Shore Drive Southwest; from Johm W. Schmelzel and Teresa W. Schmelzel; to Benjamin Ashby and Jennifer Ashby; $160,500.

* 7416 Creek Ridge Lane; from John E. Arendell and Denise A. ARendell; to Kyle Griffith and Erin Griffith; $479,600.

* 1037 Bermuda Drive; from Dolly M. Wood; to Daniel M. Weisner; $145,000.

* 5 Yorkshire Court; from Jean D. Fischer and Robert M. Lewis; to Kevin J. Kurzym and Tress A. Kurzym; $277,000.

* 1729 2nd St.; from Neil T. Schroeder; to Shannon Bradford; $133,000.


* 101 Bayridge Court; from Brennan P. Wilde; to Christopher L. Richter and Stephanie J. Richter; $170,000.

* 3035 Atlanta Drive; from Marcus Sanders and Kimberly A. Sanders; to Avni Acar and Bethay Acar; $257,500.


* 976 Koening Drive; from Eric Wolf and Michelle Wolf; to Abraham Grassle and Ann Grassle; $157,000.

* 4906 Westmont; from Greg Maclin and Marily Maclin; to Jennifer L. Jefferson, Martin T. Carrow, Margaret Carrow; $250,000.


* 3255 Edgewood Ave.; from James K. Warren, Patricia Barnett, Mary Jop Warren, Deborah Kinney; to James B. Ballance; $80,000.

* 3505 Maryville Road; from Jon R. Hughey and Sandra J. Hughey; to Andrew S. Walsh; $136,000.

* 2645 Grand Ave.; from Penny Mac Mortgage; to Homeinvestors LLC; $23,500.


* 3049 Thole Plochter Road; from Alex Scholl; to KBA Investments LLC; $550,000.

*13443 Wildlife Trail; from Great Land Development Inc.; to Lucas P. Heuerman and Ashley N. Heuerman; $47,500.

* 265 Falcon Drive; from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.; to Christopher L. Boien and Sara J. Boien; $153,500.


* 307 N. Humboldt St.; from Julie Donohue; to Steven R. Anderson; $125,000.


* 733 Copper Line Road; from Devin P. Meier and Amanda L. Meier; to Michelle L. Taylor; $156,500.

* 24 Westview Drive; from Jeff Wardlaw and Kristen Wardlow; to Jason Stabile and Shawnda Stabile; $70,000.


* 11602 Hillsboro Road; from Bobby J. Slayton and Ann L. Slayton; to Darrell W. Ferkel and Katie E. Ferkel; $236,000.


* 438 Reid Ave.; from Michael J. Huber; to Christopher Camerer and Denise Camerer; $117,500.


* 830 E. Lorena Ave.; from Brent J. McGuire; to Brandon McGuire; $72,500.

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