Purge may facilitate voter fraud

October 13, 2013 

Under the guise of purging voter records, the St. Clair County Clerk's office has sent out registration cards to thousands of addresses. This method should be called a voter fraud surge instead of a voter registration purge.

Why send registration cards out to addresses that may be old with postal instructions that say "Do not forward"?

The only people who can use these registration cards are the people who happen to live at the address at the time of mailing. So, in the case of high turnover addresses like apartments, these registration cards can be used by bad political actors to vote, even if they are not the people whose names are shown on the card.

When we register to vote, we have to show two forms of identification. By sending them out under the guise of a purge, unauthorized persons will have full and complete access to another person's voting rights. Absentee and early voting laws make this illegal practice particularly troubling.

Last, voter registration cards can be used as a Group D form of proof of residency verification to get a driver's license, which can then be used to get a bank account and credit cards. Not only does this illegal practice promote massive voter fraud, it also promotes massive identity theft.

Please call St. Clair County Clerk Tom Holbrook at (618) 277.6600 and ask him politely to stop this illegal practice and to purge the rolls in accordance with Illinois law now.

Matt Hawkins

President, Civic Alliance East St. Louis

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