Openness for all boards

October 15, 2013 

Collinsville is probably among the state leaders of being the most transparent. All of the information provided to the City Council members is online.

Agenda packets are on the same date as the meeting notice, 48 hours in advance. The council regular and special meeting videos are online shortly after. The seven subsidiary body videos are online within a few days along with their approved minutes.

The Community Appearance Board, which decides what residents will be awarded the Yard of the Month, is having difficulty accepting that it is a subsidiary board regulated by state law.

With that kind of transparency, there is really no excuse for inaccurate minutes when compared with the video, but that's what happened at the Sept. 13 CAB meeting. I believe I was the first person to speak at their meeting and was confronted with inconsideration, incompetence and deception.

While giving my input, Susan Kautzer came in the door on my left, walked around all of the members and squeezed in a chair next to the chairman. I felt she was inconsiderate by interrupting my input.

Chairman Ken Jones showed his incompetence by not following "Robert's Rules of Order" as the board's bylaws state. He allowed members to take command of the floor without passed motions.

Susan Hellige, secretary, deceptively added a significant work to the motion that the video proves was not said.

Our entire City Council is responsible for the actions of this board.

Bob DesPain


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